DFBTC dapp V1 Underlying architectural rules

DFBTC Minting release rules

1.1 DFBTC Minting

DFBTC Minting (1:10000) anchors BTC, and btc is completely kept by the node, and the node has pledged more than 150% of the assets in the required network to provide custody services.

Manufacturing process

1.2 DFBTC Relase

The DFBTC holder chooses to release DFBTC to obtain BTC, and the node transfers the BTC to the DFBTC holder.

DfBTC Guarantor node rules

2.1 Apply for a guarantee node

To apply for a guarantee node, you need to hold 10,000 aoms to participate in the application. Any high-quality ERC20 asset held by the guarantor node can be used as the collateralized asset platform V1 version to open ETH USDT USDC DAI and other four assets as collateralized assets. 150% of the secured assets can keep 100% of BTC assets.

2.2 Node revenue

Node revenue is divided into three types

1.Custody fee, the fee generated by casting and release is obtained by the node

2.Fixed income

3.Lending node assets are provided to users in need as Lending, and the interest generated

2.3BTC custody and release

After receiving the release instruction, the node must return the BTC to the DFBTC holder within the prescribed time limit

Staking rules


Staking staking DFBTC can earn AOM and DFBTC

3.2AOM income

AOM income is based on POS computing power to obtain AOM (see STAKING pos algorithm for details)

3.3 DFBTC income

The pledged DFBTC will be put into the lending pool to become a deposit and enjoy Lending interest income. (See the lending algorithm for details)

Lending rules


DFBTC Lending is a perfect multi-purpose LENDING protocol, any high-quality assets will be deposited and borrowed in Lending (waiting to be opened)

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