DFBTC Project introduction


DFBTC is a digital asset issued based on the ERC20 standard,using 1:10000 ratio pledge casting,the whole process is completely decentralized,with characteristics of anti-risk and fruits which makes BTC profits increase more security and get fruits. At the same time, it also provides a solutions for cross-chain from BTC to Ethereum which will largely increase liquidity, give users more choices and provide high-quality assets for the DEFI field.

Business background

With the continuous development of the DEFI market, the digital assets of the blockchain have become one of the most important asset forms in the world.Users can more easily and transparently understand the issuer, trader, holder, clarity of the transaction, the result of contract execution, etc. of the digital asset.Realized in a standardized way (eg ERC20),it brings more composability to digital assets. Financial products obtained from a decentralized financial application can facilitate participation in other financial applications.DEFI brings a completely open and transparent emerging market model, so that participants, product and service providers are no longer subject to regional restrictions.

With the above advantages, DEFI's business will expand rapidly in 2020, and there will be a rapid development in the areas of lending, trading, insurance, and funds.The value of the entire DEFI market lockup that year (December 2020) had reached $9 billion which is about 12 times that of January 2020.DFBTC was developed in 2020 and the asset used fully decentralized technology and was minted with bitcoin at 1:10,000. DFBTC enables users to invest in Bitcoin more safely and efficiently,to resist the risk of huge fluctuations and increase the yield to reduce the risk.DFBTC can support BTC users to enter the decentralization easily and quickly, such as the protocols of Uniswap, Sushiswap, Curve, Balancer, etc.,so that more users in the crypto world can benefit from BTC and the development of DEFI. At the same time,it provides better cross-chain services to build the DEFI ecosystem and promote the growth of digital assets.

DFBTC Project introduction

DFBTC aims to solve the huge volatility risk of BTC and the lack of liquidity of cross-chain high-quality assets by the method of issuing standard ERC20 digital assets, adding risk resistant models and yielding to resist risks, and transfer high-quality BTC assets to Ethereum across the chain. DFBTC adopts 1:10000 ratio pledge casting and increase BTC cross-chain applications through DFBTC to make high-quality encrypted assets more efficient.

DFBTC features

DFBTC is safe and efficient which can resist risks and increase cross-chain liquidity. The entire process remains open and transparent, completely decentralized, and anyone can freely initiate an audit.

DFBTC operation process

Purchase DFBTC

Accept BTC users to send the DFBTC purchase token request to the program. After the program receives the BTC and verifies the validity is completed,users can choose to pledge mining and start to obtain fruits (AOM). The fruits will be settled and sent to the user's purchase wallet address every day.

Redeem BTC

After the expiration, the user chooses to redeem BTC, and the user initiates a token redemption request. After the program receives the DFBTC and the verification is completed, the DFBTC will be destroyed. The program verifies the BTC redemption address and sends BTC to the redemption address. The whole process is completely decentralized.


Users can start mining after purchasing DFBTC. The AOM obtained will be sent to the user's wallet according to the algorithm automatically .

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